HASTA Policy
HASTA data is freely accessible for the purposes of Solar Physics research or Scientific Popularization. The data is sent to the interested people as raw data. Some small IDL programs are also accessible to pre-process the images, that means, to put every image in the center of the frame, and to rotate the image to have Solar North up and West to the right. More specific work with the images (such as dark-limb correction or image enhancement) can be done by HASTA researchers, but in that case that researcher must participate as author in the following publication (see an example in the Images Page).
When using HASTA data for any scientific or not scientific publication, this sentence must be written in the acknowledgments:
"This study is based on data obtained at OAFA (El Leoncito, San Juan, Argentina) in the framework of the German-Argentinean HASTA/MICA Project, a collaboration of MPE, IAFE, OAFA and MPAe."
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