About HASTA data


HASTA data are full-sun 1280x1024 FITs images.

Codification of the name of each file:



(image in H-alpha center-line, recorded on the 4th August 2000, at 12:45:17 UT)

First letter: could be "h" when it is and H-alpha image or "w" for white light images (not implemented for the moment)
Second letter: could be "c" for H-alpha center line or "b" for H-alpha "blue" wing or "r" for H-alpha "red" wing
First 6 numbers: year+month+day of the observation
Last 6 numbers after the dot: hour+minutes+sec in UT
More details could be found in the header of each FIT.
GIF images have the same codification.


For full resolution data request (FITS),

see the HASTA policy and write us.