5th El Leoncito International Solar Physics School - 2011


(5ª Escuela Internacional de Física Solar El Leoncito - 2011)

Estación Astronómica "Carlos Ulrico Cesco"

Observatorio Astronómico “Félix Aguilar”,  FCEFN-UNSJ
El Leoncito, San Juan (Argentina)

February 07th to February 13th, 2011


1st Announcement

As part of the German-Argentinean agreement of scientific cooperation, a fifth instance of the “El Leoncito International Solar Physics School” will take place next February at the “Estación Astronómica Carlos U. Cesco”, El Leoncito, San Juan, Argentina. The station belongs to the “Observatorio Astronómico Félix Aguilar” (OAFA) and is located on the western side of the argentinean Precordillera de los Andes at 2400 m altitude. In the framework of the agreement two ground-based solar instruments, the so-called HASTA (H-alpha Solar Telescope for Argentina) and MICA (Mirror Coronagraph for Argentina) continuously observe our Star, the Sun, providing exciting data to the scientific community. Moreover, the Helio-Geophysics Laboratory – that includes the Solar Submillimeter-wave Telescope (SST), the Solar Mid Infrared photometer/imager, some cosmic-ray monitors and VLF tracking stations – operates nearby to the station at the “Complejo Astronómico El Leoncito”. Therefore, jointly with the very well equipped facilities and friendly staff, this remote and peaceful place will be the ideal venue to hold the School, between the 07th of February and the 13th of February, 2011, full-time.

In this opportunity, the School is organized by OAFA , a part of the “Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales” (FCEFN), National University of San Juan (UNSJ), and other co-organizing partner institutions: Max Planck Institut für Sonnensystemforschung (MPS), Instituto de Astronomía y Física del Espacio (IAFE), Complejo Astronómico El Leoncito (CASLEO) and Instituto de Ciencias Astronómicas, de la Tierra y del Espacio (ICATE), members of the Argentinean Scientific and Technological National Research Council (CONICET).

The School welcomes a maximum of 20 graduate or undergraduate students in Physics, Astronomy, Engineering and related fields . As some lectures will be held in English and the rest in Spanish, we expect students with good understanding of both English and Spanish (oral and written). Lectures will be given during mornings and afternoons. Joint exercises with tutors, as well as use of the solar instruments at the Observatory and data reduction are scheduled as part of the activities. Students who are already working in related fields to that of the School are strongly encouraged to bring and present their work as posters. Time will be available to discuss them during the School.

Those students interested in attending the 5th Solar Physics School must fill and send a Registration Form. That form includes a brief curriculum information, a certificate with the undergraduate marks, a short summary of their interests and a Letter of Reference from their thesis advisor, or Head of Department, to the address shown below. The form must reach OAFA by November 20th 2010. Selected candidates will be informed by November 30th 2010.

The registration fee is $200 (national argentine currency, approximately U$S 50) to cover living expenses (full pension) during 7 days at El Leoncito and travels San Juan/El Leoncito.   Domestic travel expenses are not covered.

A limited number of travel and registration grants will be available for students.

Registrations begin Oct 01, 2010 
Registrations end   Nov 20, 2010 
3rd Announcement: Nov 30, 2010 


Information at: http://www.oafa.fcefn.unsj-cuim.edu.ar/5thELISPS


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Main Topics

The Sun

The Inner Heliosphere

Sun-Earth Interaction

Fundamental Physics of the Sun

Solar Radiophysics

Space Missions and Instruments

Ground-Based Solar Instruments

How to do Space Research: A practical Guide



Prof. Dr. Rainer Schwenn

Prof. Dr. Eckart Marsch

Dr. Pierre Kaufmann

Dra. Stanislava Simberova

Dr. Guillermo Stenborg

Dr. Allison Dal Lago

Dra. Andrea Costa

Dra. Cristina Mandrini

Dra. Hebe Cremades

Dra. Laura Balmaceda

Dr. José Ignacio Castro

Scientific Organizing Committee:

            Dr. Rainer Schwenn (MPS)

Dr. Eckart Marsch (MPS)

Dr. Pierre Kaufman (CRAAM)

            Dr. Guillermo Stenborg (Interferometrics Inc.)

Dra. Cristina Mandrini (IAFE)

Local Organizing Committee:

Dr. José Ignacio Castro (OAFA)

Dra. Laura Balmaceda (ICATE)

Lic. María Luisa Luoni (IAFE)

            Ing. Ester Alonso (OAFA)

Ing. Carlos Francile (OAFA)

Fernando López (OAFA)



Dr. José Ignacio Castro

Dra. Laura Balmaceda

Ing. Carlos Francile

Fax: + 54 264 4238494



Internet: http://www.oafa.fcefn.unsj-cuim.edu.ar/5thELISPS

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